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Movement GO 106 2018
Movement GO 106
The power of a giant and the combative character of the GO FAMILY … The GO range deserves to be the spearhead of our brand. An exceptional ski dedicated to the engaged freeskier and for steep slopes with comfort and security. These skis benefit from ...
Welcome to an exciting new blend of everyday accessibility, and powder planing performance. The Wailer 112RP2 changed the design paradigm in terms of creating a new level of powder versatility. When designing the next generation 120mm+ class powder s...
On3p Billy Goat 2018
779 $
On3p Billy Goat
The Billy Goat is our go-to choice for stability, power, and maneuverability in soft and variable snow. Updated with Asymmetrical Tip Taper to boost smearability, combined with our best and most user-friendly RES sidecut to date, the Billy Goat is fo...
K2 Konic 78 2018
K2 Konic 78
K2 Skis: Ski 2017/2018 English K2 Sports Europe GmbH 6-Jul-172 KONIC SERIES men’s iKonic 84Ti The redesigned iKonic 84Ti is a highly versatile ski capable of ripping groomers, on any day and any condition the mountain calls for. Exo-Konic technolo...
Faction Candide 4.0 2018
949 $
Faction Candide 4.0
From the steeps of the FWT, to the playful hits of La Balme, the multi award-winning Candide 4.0 is almost as decorated as the Frenchman, Candide Thovex, himself (we hear it even skis well on grass, although we don’t recommend it). The Candide 4.0 co...
Down Skis LowDown Carbon 102 2018
650 $
Down Skis LowDown Carbon 102
The LowDown 102 is an unbeaten classic at the core of the line with an incredibly versatile waist width. Wide enough to float in deep snow, narrow enough for harder conditions and light enough for that extra climb up your favorite mountain. In the...
Movement REVO 91 - Titanal 2 axes carbon 2018
Movement REVO 91 - Titanal 2 axes carbon
Above all, our clients demand versatility. That is why we opted for a new ALL MOUNTAIN slope category named REVO. REVO is the result of several years of testing as well as continuous improvement to in order to obtain/create/make a fantastic ski. You...
Line Tigersnake 2018
Line Tigersnake
The Tigersnake is your ticket to getting onto the hill, into the park & all over the mountain. This is the most tech-filled, affordable and lightest all terrain freestyle ski on the market! A Carbon Ollieband™ adds even more pop!
Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty 2018
Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty
Just like the adult Bacon, but in fun size! Affordable yet shredable. Everything’s better with bacon! This ski helps ‘em beat mom or dad down the hill with all the geometry of the big guy skis with half the weight.
K2 Missconduct 2018
K2 Missconduct
The all-new, wider Missconduct is designed for precision skiing on both sides of the terrain park ropes. Playful and energetic, and with multiple podium appearances notched in its belt, the Missconduct has established itself as one of the premier wo...
Klint Krypto 2018
699 $
Klint Krypto
Krypto is a wide powder charger which stands out in any soft snow conditions. Klint's Deep Rocker profile combined with the special damped Birch wood core, provides a responsive, stable and playful float, which excels in powder skiing all over t...
K2 Super Charger 2018
K2 Super Charger
K2 started braiding fiberglass in 1988 to deliver the on-piste performance of your dreams. Today, our mission remains the same. In addition to Triaxal Braiding, we’ve built the K2 Super Charger ski with an extended carbon grid, full-metal laminate, a...
K2 Luv Sick 80ti 2018
K2 Luv Sick 80ti
The K2 Luv Sick 80Ti is like an extra shot of power with your morning coffee. This Core with women’s-specific Bioflex tech – the perfect combination of lively aspen and flexible paulownia – elevates the Luv Sick’s agility, whether crushing through c...
Down Skis CountDown Carbon 114 2018
615 $
Down Skis CountDown Carbon 114
The CountDown 114 has evolved every year since we first launched Down back in 2011. Materials, flex, rocker line, tip shape, effective edge, tip and tail taper… All parameters have been tweaked to make this the ski you can grip and rip regardless of ...
K2 Luv Boat 105 2018
K2 Luv Boat 105
That’s right, folks – we have brand-new tech from the ever-innovating K2 Ski Alliance. The new Luv Boat 105 comes packed with Bioflex Konic construction, embracing the proven benefits that Konic and Nanolite tech bring to our men’s freeride skis with...
Why tinker with a winning recipe that has transformed the powder and resort experience for so many? Because we are tinkerers at heart. We’ve drawn from our extensive Chassis R+D project and created a verifiable winner in the Foundation 112. It’s a br...