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The Cassiar A95 leans moderately more towards softer snow than its little brother, the Cassiar A85. The package is accomplished through a slightly higher tip, an altered flex profile, and of course, an extra centimeter of width underfoot. The Cassiar...
DPS LOTUS 124 TOUR1 2018
The introduction of Tour1 construction chopped another 30 percent of weight off an already lightweight Pure Carbon layup – all while retaining tremendous torsional stiffness that is unmatched in the touring category. Tour1 layup skis make long days ...
K2 Missconduct Jr 2018
K2 Missconduct Jr
The K2 Missconduct Jr. is a crowd-pleasing girls’ ski for aspiring all-mountain shredders. A play-first, easy-to-ski aspen core launches bigger and steeper than anything else on the playground, and a lightweight, forgiving molded cap construction set...
Zag H-85 Lady 2018
579 $
Zag H-85 Lady
If enjoying long days of skiing in absolute comfort is your motto, then you will love this ski! Its short radius will let you easily make short turns on piste, while its wide tip will let you discover the powder going off-piste.
Zag H-88 2018
579 $
Zag H-88
Endowed with excellent grip on hard pack snow and a short radius, the H88 is really playful and easy to manoeuvre. It will keep you amped to ski every day, no matter what you plan to do. This ski doesn’t forget its freeride origins that are so dear t...
Nocopy CARVING Q 2018
719 $
It took us a while to decide and plan for a Nocopysports pist ski - it is based on our idea of having fun and do some easy skiing. This one is an "easy turner" with the rocker. It will give you something extra while riding it. And if you go...
Faction ProdigyW 2018
699 $
Faction ProdigyW
Prodigy: noun, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities. There is nothing the ProdigyW can’t handle with confidence and effortless style. A responsive, playful Poplar/Beech core and 96mm waist makes the ProdigyW ready to carry you ‘round the w...
On3p Jessie 88 2018
629 $
On3p Jessie 88
The Jessie 88 takes its cues from our best selling Kartel 98 and offers both park ski performance and all mountain agility. Our Elliptical Rocker and Elliptical Sidecut combine to allow natural planing and balanced turn initiation, while the taper pr...
Line Honey Bee 2018
Line Honey Bee
Line´s answer to the need for a women´s specific all-mountain ski. Built on the Honey Badger chassis, this ski is tough as nails in approachable, affordable design.
Zag H-112 2018
669 $
Zag H-112
You will find the H112 under the feet of high level competitors and experienced skiers looking for limitless pleasure! Charge down powdery mountain sides with ease thanks to the stiff tip rocker and 112mm underfoot. The reinforced tail makes this ski...
Zag S-104 Lady 2018
619 $
Zag S-104 Lady
With 103 mm under foot and a double rocker, ladies can just as easily navigate through deep powder, as well as, cruise on the piste with confidence. This light and nimble twin-tip ski is the one to pick for your trips off-piste.
Down Skis ShowDown Metal 95 2018
595 $
Down Skis ShowDown Metal 95
Looking for that ski that goes from piste to pow? Looking for that ski that can handle all conditions? Looking for that ski that makes pure ice feel like a soft groomer? Look no farther than the SD95. Shaped to carve trenches while keeping that freer...
Zag S-112 Lady 2018
639 $
Zag S-112 Lady
A ski that will allow the boldest girls to express themselves in deep powder. Its double rocker will help you float effortlessly and you will be amazed by its manoeuvrability and its lightness to make the most of your powdery day!
K2 Super Charger 2018
K2 Super Charger
K2 started braiding fiberglass in 1988 to deliver the on-piste performance of your dreams. Today, our mission remains the same. In addition to Triaxal Braiding, we’ve built the K2 Super Charger ski with an extended carbon grid, full-metal laminate, a...
Zag H-95 2018
599 $
Zag H-95
Providing comfort, safety and performance all winter long. From icy pistes to powder, this ski has it all. The ski adopted by the Mont-Blanc Valley Ski Patrols!
Zag Adret-88-Lady 2018
829 $
Zag Adret-88-Lady
For women looking for a versatile extra-light touring ski. This ski is very nimble both on the ascent and on the way down, even in the powder! Construction : Ultra Light Carbon Kevlar Profil : Rocker XGrip Technology