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Line Tom Wallisch Pro 2018
Line Tom Wallisch Pro
This is Tom Wallisch’s ski. It goes anywhere Tom does. On chairlifts. On trails. On rails. Off jumps. On airplanes. On podiums. On quad kinks On wall rides. On car rides. get the point. This is a stable ski for jumping on and off things. A C...
Black Diamond Boundary Pro 115 2018
Black Diamond Boundary Pro 115
A tuned-up, limited edition of our Boundary 115 built to satisfy the needs of our hard-charging pro athlete team, the Boundary Pro 115 is built for those who want to take playful, deep-snow performance to steep, aggressive lines around the world. For...
K2 Speed Charger 2018
K2 Speed Charger
This year, we’ve revamped our RoX construction to deliver FULL RoX in the all-new K2 Speed Charger, extending the crossed carbon region in the ski for even greater torsional strength and edge hold. Combine that with our agile Speed Rocker, full-power...
Movement ALP TRACKS 84 2018
Movement ALP TRACKS 84
We wanted to redefine our mountain line and we did it with the new ALP TRACKS range. Movement has written a new story with the ALP TRACKS line, which is a new technological marvel. The line expands with a new model of ALP TRACKS, the result of preci...
Movement APEX 2 axes carbon 2018
Movement APEX 2 axes carbon
We improved this range with a new 2 carbon axes construction. This modern Touring / Free-touring assortment is today more advanced than ever before. Versatility, easy as well as quick turning, excellent edge grip on hard and compact snow were our pri...
K2 Thrilluvit 85 2018
K2 Thrilluvit 85
The brand new ThrilLuvit 85 is the multi-purpose tool of the women ?s collection. Technical skiers will appreciate its narrow waist for technical, icy descents and AT approaches, while those new to Luv Series will find the 85mm waist to be approacha...
K2 Ikonic 84ti 2018
K2 Ikonic 84ti
The redesigned iKonic 84Ti is a highly versatile ski capable of ripping groomers, on any day and any condition the mountain calls for. Exo-Konic technology strategically places materials throughout the ski to produce a versatile piste thrill ride fo...
K2 Konic 78 2018
K2 Konic 78
K2 Skis: Ski 2017/2018 English K2 Sports Europe GmbH 6-Jul-172 KONIC SERIES men’s iKonic 84Ti The redesigned iKonic 84Ti is a highly versatile ski capable of ripping groomers, on any day and any condition the mountain calls for. Exo-Konic technolo...
K2 Wayback 104 2018
K2 Wayback 104
The new Wayback 104 has a built-in Z-Clip skin attachment – a secure, self-centering system that reduces weight and speeds up the transition between skinning and skiing –and fully-removable grommets to accompany K2’s pre-cut skins. For safe, lightwei...
Cmd The It - Stiff 2018
706 $
Cmd The It - Stiff
The It – Stiff is, as the name ever so subtly suggests, a stiffer version of The It. The Stiff is aimed to satisfy the powerful rider or one that likes their skis super stable yet still playful. This ski makes you even more confident. The poplar and ...
Cmd The It 2018
664 $
Cmd The It
The It is as flexy as ever. This ski is suitable for a lighter skier or the type with flow and swervy style complimented with technical finesse. The poplar and beech wood core is a perfect combination of strength, lightness and poppy, playful charact...
K2 Charger Jr 2018
K2 Charger Jr
The K2 Charger Jr. is packed with all of the power someone little needs to not feel so little on piste. The Jr. takes the lively aspen and durable metal laminate from its older brother and integrates Hybritech sidewalls – part sidewall, part cap cons...
K2 Missy 2018
K2 Missy
You can thank this easy-to-ski formula for your little lady shredder’s increased appetite for more blue squares and black diamonds. The Missy is K2’s mini-Luvit, with the same ultra-light composite core and versatile All Terrain Rocker wrapped in for...
Line Honey Bee 2018
Line Honey Bee
Line´s answer to the need for a women´s specific all-mountain ski. Built on the Honey Badger chassis, this ski is tough as nails in approachable, affordable design.
K2 Wayback 96 2018
K2 Wayback 96
The K2 WayBack 96 toes the line with a 96mm waist and a lightweight paulownia-maple core built for the uphill. This ski makes all those earned turns well worth the squeeze. A carbon web stretched across its fore body and tail add torsional rigidity, ...
Zag S-104 2018
619 $
Zag S-104
You will be surprised how versatile this 104mm wide under your feet this ski is! Capable of taking you from the piste to the backcountry without effort, this playful, nimble and light ski has it all!
Zag H-95 2018
599 $
Zag H-95
Providing comfort, safety and performance all winter long. From icy pistes to powder, this ski has it all. The ski adopted by the Mont-Blanc Valley Ski Patrols!