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Zag Adret-88-Lady 2018
829 $
Zag Adret-88-Lady
For women looking for a versatile extra-light touring ski. This ski is very nimble both on the ascent and on the way down, even in the powder! Construction : Ultra Light Carbon Kevlar Profil : Rocker XGrip Technology
Zag H-95 Lady 2018
599 $
Zag H-95 Lady
he perfect combination of performance, versatility and ease-of-use. Its grippy edges will let you make the most of carving on pistes, while its mid-wide waist will carry you off the beaten track faster than you ever thought possible. This H95 Lady wi...
DPS ZELDA 106 TOUR1 2018
The Zelda 106 Tour1 offers a seriously fun touring package. It is arguably the safe centerpiece for touring in the widest range of conditions. Mount tech bindings on the Zelda and use it from scrappy early November action to that last magical June co...
The new Chassis platform makes edge-to-edge transfers so predictable, intuitive and smooth that the Foundation Zelda 106 is a joy to ski in all conditions. Take her everywhere from soft moguls, trees, and high alpine couloirs—she’ll perform. The comb...
The 106/99 Foundation Chassis is the new standard for mixed snow and all-mountain versatility. The Chassis design places your boot in the optimal place within both the flex profile and the sidecut, which fosters predictability and a powerful response...
Zag S-112 2018
639 $
Zag S-112
A pinch of freeride and a dash of freestyle backcountry. This wide, light and playful twin-tip ski will amaze you by its versatility on hard pack snow.
Movement GO 100 WOMEN 2018
Movement GO 100 WOMEN
The power of a giant and the combative character of the GO FAMILY … The GO range deserves to be the spearhead of our brand. An exceptional ski dedicated to the engaged freeskier and for steep slopes with comfort and security. These skis benefit from ...
Zag Ubac Team 2018
419 $
Zag Ubac Team
It's touring family time ! Our Ubac Team is the 1st free touring ski on the market specifically designed for kids. With a similar construction to the Ubac, it provides the young adventurers lightness for the ascent and pleasure in the descent. T...
Faction ProdigyW 2018
699 $
Faction ProdigyW
Prodigy: noun, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities. There is nothing the ProdigyW can’t handle with confidence and effortless style. A responsive, playful Poplar/Beech core and 96mm waist makes the ProdigyW ready to carry you ‘round the w...
Zag Zag S-Team 2018
419 $
Zag Zag S-Team
Finally a fat ski for young aspiring free riders! By providing a range of Slap kids we are ensuring they get to experience the best of our technology!
Movement VISTA 2 axes carbon WOMEN 2018
Movement VISTA 2 axes carbon WOMEN
We improved this range with a new 2 carbon axes construction. This modern Touring / Free-touring assortment is today more advanced than ever before. Versatility, easy as well as quick turning, excellent edge grip on hard and compact snow were our pri...
Zag S-112 Lady 2018
639 $
Zag S-112 Lady
A ski that will allow the boldest girls to express themselves in deep powder. Its double rocker will help you float effortlessly and you will be amazed by its manoeuvrability and its lightness to make the most of your powdery day!
Zag H-105 2018
649 $
Zag H-105
This ski is made for strong skiers who want to ski fast and jump big cliffs in large powdery fields, but who want a ski more accessible with a shorter radius than the H112. You will be amazed by its stability in every snow conditions, while its fairl...