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From Chamonix to Tahoe, the Foundation Uschi 82 is the perfect waist-width for everyday resort use. At 82mm underfoot, your first metatarsal lines up well with the edge to create a direct transmission of power from boot to the ski. Foundation’s const...
Zag Zag S-Team 2018
419 $
Zag Zag S-Team
Finally a fat ski for young aspiring free riders! By providing a range of Slap kids we are ensuring they get to experience the best of our technology!
Zag H-95 2018
599 $
Zag H-95
Providing comfort, safety and performance all winter long. From icy pistes to powder, this ski has it all. The ski adopted by the Mont-Blanc Valley Ski Patrols!
Voilé Super Charger 2018
Voilé Super Charger
Now, before you think it’s an even-stiffer and more-aggressive version of our original Charger, think again, because the SuperCharger is absolutely none of those things. In fact, it’s a ski probably more akin to our venerable V8. Except that it’s not...
Zag S-122 2018
689 $
Zag S-122
A genuine powder weapon with a short edge radius and a big double rocker: all you need to play in the forest and in fluffy snow fields.
Zag S-112 2018
639 $
Zag S-112
A pinch of freeride and a dash of freestyle backcountry. This wide, light and playful twin-tip ski will amaze you by its versatility on hard pack snow.
Zag S-112 Lady 2018
639 $
Zag S-112 Lady
A ski that will allow the boldest girls to express themselves in deep powder. Its double rocker will help you float effortlessly and you will be amazed by its manoeuvrability and its lightness to make the most of your powdery day!
Zag H-88 2018
579 $
Zag H-88
Endowed with excellent grip on hard pack snow and a short radius, the H88 is really playful and easy to manoeuvre. It will keep you amped to ski every day, no matter what you plan to do. This ski doesn’t forget its freeride origins that are so dear t...
In the new Foundation line, the F95 and F82 share similar shaping characteristics: highly tapered sidecuts that draw you deeply into the turn and create big edge angles. Enjoy piste skiing, but confidently play in trees, moguls or light powder. Easy ...
Zag S-104 Lady 2018
619 $
Zag S-104 Lady
With 103 mm under foot and a double rocker, ladies can just as easily navigate through deep powder, as well as, cruise on the piste with confidence. This light and nimble twin-tip ski is the one to pick for your trips off-piste.
Zag Ubac Team 2018
419 $
Zag Ubac Team
It's touring family time ! Our Ubac Team is the 1st free touring ski on the market specifically designed for kids. With a similar construction to the Ubac, it provides the young adventurers lightness for the ascent and pleasure in the descent. T...
Zag H-85 Lady 2018
579 $
Zag H-85 Lady
If enjoying long days of skiing in absolute comfort is your motto, then you will love this ski! Its short radius will let you easily make short turns on piste, while its wide tip will let you discover the powder going off-piste.