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Movement FLY 115 2018
Movement FLY 115
FLY WITH STYLE is the image and message that we want to share through these skis. The best riders of the moment are skiing this pioneer ski. They are ultra-playful skis which make the impossible possible. The FLY range is for all types of FREESKIERS ...
Line Blend 2018
Line Blend
The best mix of personalities without the emotional baggage! Backcountry to park and back, the Blend is your all-in-one tool to slay mid winter pow or send ‘er through spring park laps.
K2 Poacher 2018
K2 Poacher
The Poacher is a celebration of 20 years of K2 athlete-inspired innovation. A Clayton Vila and Sean Jordan collaboration, the K2 Poacher is our flagship tool of choice to poach the streets, icy park, or spring slush. A durable freestyle player both i...
K2 Pinnacle Jr 2018
K2 Pinnacle Jr
The K2 Pinnacle Jr. is a quiver-of-one junior juggernaut – fun enough to push those school sick days and long holiday weekends to new heights. With stable Hybritech Sidewall construction around a resilient and flexible aspen core, the Pinnacle Jr. is...
Faction Dictator 1.0 2018
669 $
Faction Dictator 1.0
If you want high-speed, corduroy-slicing carving turns in the morning and a nimble, responsive ride through the late-afternoon bumps on your way to après, look no further than the Dictator 1.0. At 85mm underfoot, with 4mm of camber, this ski is energ...
Faction Prime 3.0 2018
1289 $
Faction Prime 3.0
Designed by our ski shaper Patrik Sannes alongside FWT athlete and UIAGM guide Sam Anthamatten, the Prime 3.0 is packed with industry-leading design materials and construction techniques, resulting in a ski that will give you a new perspective of wha...
K2 Alluvit 88 2018
K2 Alluvit 88
With the same Bioflex Konic genes as its bigger sisters, the AlLuvit 88 slims down and bridges the gap between versatile freeride and confident all-mountain skiing. We don’t throw the term “women’s-specific” around lightly – the AlLuvit 88 was built ...
Movement ALP TRACKS 100 2018
Movement ALP TRACKS 100
We wanted to redefine our mountain line and we did it with the new ALP TRACKS range. Movement has written a new story with the ALP TRACKS line, which is a new technological marvel. The line expands with a new model of ALP TRACKS, the result of preci...
Faction Prodigy 2.0 2018
669 $
Faction Prodigy 2.0
The Prodigy 2.0 is updated to pop and stomp whatever feature, snow type and trick you throw at it, anywhere on the mountain. A directional twin tip, the Full Strength sidewall construction combined with a Poplar/Beech sandwich core means that the Pro...
Movement CONTROL 5 axes carbon 2018
Movement CONTROL 5 axes carbon
In order to respond to market evolution and needs in the Freetouring ski category, we have innovated and developed a new technology with 5 carbon fiber axes. This construction guarantees a perfect attitude on difficult snow. Less weight and emarkabl...
On3p Billy Goat 2018
779 $
On3p Billy Goat
The Billy Goat is our go-to choice for stability, power, and maneuverability in soft and variable snow. Updated with Asymmetrical Tip Taper to boost smearability, combined with our best and most user-friendly RES sidecut to date, the Billy Goat is fo...
Faction Prime 4.0 2018
1339 $
Faction Prime 4.0
FWT Athlete and UAIGM Guide Sam Anthamatten’s ski of choice, the Prime 4.0 doesn’t back down to the most challenging ascents or the gnarliest descents. Developed in collaboration with our ski shaper, Patrik Sannes, this ski has a progressive shape, e...
Line Supernatural 100 2018
Line Supernatural 100
Engineered to fit 200% on-hill enjoyment into 100mm of intuitive turn shape and a stable flex pattern. Cut thru the crud & crowds on the Supernatural 100!
The new Chassis platform makes edge-to-edge transfers so predictable, intuitive and smooth that the Foundation Zelda 106 is a joy to ski in all conditions. Take her everywhere from soft moguls, trees, and high alpine couloirs—she’ll perform. The comb...
Line Supernatural 92 2018
Line Supernatural 92
The Re-designed 92 is the best medium width ski to handle all those hardpack pucker moments and more! Newly shaped for easier turning and initiation that gives it a little more give on the edge-to-edge without talking back.
K2 Thrilluvit 85 2018
K2 Thrilluvit 85
The brand new ThrilLuvit 85 is the multi-purpose tool of the women ?s collection. Technical skiers will appreciate its narrow waist for technical, icy descents and AT approaches, while those new to Luv Series will find the 85mm waist to be approacha...
K2 Charger 2018
K2 Charger
When burly fir and airy aspen get together, Serious Fun unfolds – making the all-new K2 Charger even livelier than its on-piste comrades. This ski, simply built to charge, needs little more than the torsional strength and responsiveness of a full car...
Movement SESSION 5 axes carbon 2018
Movement SESSION 5 axes carbon
In order to respond to market evolution and needs in the Freetouring ski category, we have innovated and developed a new technology with 5 carbon fiber axes. This construction guarantees a perfect attitude on difficult snow. Less weight and emarkabl...
Movement REVO 86 - Titanal 2 axes carbon 2018
Movement REVO 86 - Titanal 2 axes carbon
Above all, our clients demand versatility. That is why we opted for a new ALL MOUNTAIN slope category named REVO. REVO is the result of several years of testing as well as continuous improvement to in order to obtain/create/make a fantastic ski. ...