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Would like to pay attention to the ski resort of Val Thorens in France. Have previously made seasons in Val d'Isère, Chamonix and Bad Gastein. I have also visited very many ski resorts, as I have often been around the Alps, such as other resorts I have visited, the following are mentioned: Verbier, Gressoney, Zermatt, Cervinia, St. Anton, Wagrain, Zell am See, Chamrousse and many other places.

The most positive thing with Val Thorens, according to my experience, is that wherever you live in the village you have ski-in and ski-out, which means that you can ski the ski slopes right outside the door of your apartment. This is hugely easy when you are in season, working at the resort, and you can quickly get back into the system and get back to work again. Or simply do not want to spend a holiday on the ski bus. The ski system size is another advantage and of course the easy-to-reach offpiste. The first time I traveled to Val Thorens we were able to find pillows and good scratches without even being aware of the guide book "Les Trois Vallées". The last but definitely not the least advantage of me is the outdoor aftershave at Folie Douce, which in the best southern position offers a popular folk party with home feel. Down in the village, afterskin goes on with live bands. A hot tip towards the spring edge is to skip this, bring a beer or two and sit at Lake Lac du Lou. As for nightlife, Alperna's largest night club is located in the resort.

One disadvantage may be the village's appearance, that it does not consist of small, genuine huts, such as Kitzbuhel. But recently, a lot of wooden facades have been changed and everything that is being built is in classic chalet style.

As a summation, it could be said that it is a place of crazy skiing in the absolute world class that seems to sneak into the heart of many skiers.

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Now my season in Val Thorens begins to end. Come here November 26th and go home April 17th, so have been here for a while now.

When I came here I had only skis in the seal before and oh what a difference! The variation on the slopes is huge and there is something for everyone. Those who hunt off-piste will surely find Val Thorens to their satisfaction, and the beginner has a large number of slopes that will suit this better with a wide range of blue slopes.

The lift system is easy to understand and it's hard to get lost. To Val Thorens also belong to Orelle and if you have a lift card, it will work there too. There are a couple of lovely slopes, but very slow lifts, unfortunately. The lifts are good and there are some cabin lifts, but most of the seating lifts. The only keychain is to the fun park, which I did not explore myself, but as many of my colleagues spend most of their skiing time in it. It's easy to take the skis and go to other lifts, such as les minuers, which are a bit smaller and not so many people but with fantastic slopes and usually deliver on val thorens, probably, do not. Getting to Meribel and Courchevel is easy, unfortunately I have only been there once in the season, but that day was really one of the best days since I came here too! However, Val Thorens is good enough for you who are only here for a week, but in season, I recommend to make lift passes for all three valleys and not just for two, as I did.

Val Thorens is Europe's highest resort on its 3000 meters, and I will also lift a warning finger to get sick when coming here for just one week. It takes time for one's body to get used to the high heights and the key to not getting sick is DRY WATER. As parentheses, I can add that the water here is probably the best, cleanest and coldest you can find.

It does not matter where in Val Thorens you live, but can basically go outside the door with the skis on the shoulder and be in the piste just a couple of minutes later. The village is gathered and you never have to move any major stretches to get where you want - piste, lift, restaurants, bars, shops - you name it. The lifts are open a little different time depending on the time of the season you go. But they open 8.15-9.15 time and later on in the season you go the longer they are open. Now, in mid April, the lifts are open until 17:00 to 17:30.

It is, of course, warmer the later you leave. Do you want to go with blue skies and radiant sunshine you have the best chance in March / April. However, this will cause "slush snow" and the ride will be slightly worse with more heights. Sun will be there every week, come home with a nice goggle-tan so go later. My family was here and greeted at week 8 and it was absolutely amazing weather, but week 7 was not that good and week 9 was not that good either. So when you buy a trip, you must be aware that you buy the "pig in the bag" and you can be lucky and you can have less luck. But for the most part, all the guests go home and have at least one Sunday.

If we talk to restaurants, I have mostly been to Johns Scandinavian, which has a not too big but well-planned menu. Langlys Hotel Tango has fantastic food and happy hour with 2 drinks for 1 (7.20 - 9.80 euros) at 20-22 every night as well as live music and quiz and a cozy atmosphere with big sofas to dump in front of the open fire with a ginger Mojito in the hand. The price of the food varies, with a pizza costing between 10-15 euros, and if you have something from the grill you will be able to adore about 15-25 euros. You can also buy food on the street where paninis, hamburgers, waffles and creps rule at prices of 5-10 euros.

If we continue on the bar and party track then there is a bar where the bars are gathered. The frog and the roast beef is the first and is an English bar with a higher average age. After that, you will come to the famous Danish bar, Cafe Snesko, which has live music on its after-ski until eight o'clock, then the pants change to converse and the party will last until 01.30 each evening. The bartenders and guests sing for the full neck to the songs that are classic and real sing-a-longs. The guests stand on the table and cheer when the bartender puts on bombhemian rhapsody and when the rock part comes, fire is set on both the roof and the bar. Here most Danes hang out, but also people from all possible nationalities. Priced here on a big drink 0.5 liters (!) Is 13 euros, for 0.25 gets dubetala 6.5 euros. A big beer costs 7 and a shot of 3.20 euros. These drinks are by no means weak, so you can say that you get value for money. However, you can not come up with any fancy wishes, but it's redbull & vodka or gin & tonic that apply, spirit dinks simply.

If you go to the bar next door, you will come to the Saloon bar, which usually has a slightly calmer atmosphere than the cafe snowshoe, but it can still be crowded with people. Here you can buy a jug of 1 liter of drink from their dink-card for 22 euros, and then there should be 20 cl of alcohol in it. Happy hour lasts at ten and then you will pay 15 euros for such a jug. If you go down the stairs then their second part Downunder is there, and there is also a cozy atmosphere, if there is any Scandinavian international course - then there will be life in the sports bar. Saloon and downstairs also close the half past two.

If you're not ready yet, but if you want to continue partying then you can go on to one of the nightclubs. The Club Summit is down the street and has open to four. At two, it is full of (full) people. Here there are a lot of Swedes, Danes and English people (the latter has a great habit of dressing up to anything strange in the village). Then there is also the larger nightclub Malaysia, which is said to be Val Thorens largest, but has not been there so much. Got the perception that there is a lot of French sluskon there, but that's just my opinion.

Let the foil shower and 360 govern where it comes to pistons and then especially leave foil. There the whole terrain jumps to the singer who sings classical party songs to a dj and live saxophone. You pay 6 euros for a big beer in a plastic glass and drive home when they close at 17-17.30.

There are a lot of student trips arranged over the law, and if you want to avoid gaping youth, I suggest you check out what weeks it's allowed. However, if you want to get wild, come here then, for the students they can do their thing. Many tour operators organize barrels that take you around in the nightlife of valleys for not so much money, and that promise what you can count on from a bar round.

In store you pay 3-20 euros for a bottle of wine and 10-20 euros for a bottle of vodka, so cheap it is not here. If you have cigars, there are two places in the whole village that sell and both are just tabac. Both are located in the two galleries. There a package Marboro costs 6.70 euros.

In the larger mall there is a sports center where you can swim, play badminton / pingis / tennis / football, jump on the trampolines or go to the gym. I have a season ticket there myself, which cost 188 euros, but I do not know where it costs for once.

Another fun activity that I absolutely think you should try if you have the roads past Val Thorens is the "toboggan ride", which is simply a 6 km long pullout (Europe's longest) which is quite crazy. You can go for a day, then it costs 23 euros, I think, or one of the three nights of the week they are open, and then it costs 29 euros. Should you go to the evening pic you should book the day before.

It has been a great season and I have met a lot of people from mass nationalities, though most of the Danes and Swedes of course. If you are on a season or vacation, I can promise you to be satisfied with choice t because of its genuine mood, the paradise-feeling and of course its great variety of skiing.

Thank you.

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Arrived about 2 weeks ago after a season in Val Thorens. Must say that it's a cruising ski resort, the ski slopes are world-class and you want variation, this is the perfect place for you. The range of slopes is many and varied and the best of all snow proof is that too. The only downside is the price level in the village, which is quite high but you can not get everything ... good skiing but a bit more expensive simply. Aftershine is cruel, however, it's a completely different mood compared to Austria, but it's a party every day, if you want. La Folie Douce and 360 located on the slopes I highly recommend and of course there are several places in the village. one place is warm if my heart is the danish bar cafe snowshoe, small but super nice with live music, nice people and bartenders!
Most hotels / apartments are not far from the nearest hill, many possibilities for Ski-In-Ski-Out!
A ski station that basically meets all the requirements for a perfect ski holiday.

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Arrived yesterday after week 6 in Val Thorens. Unfortunately, it has not been snowing since January 5 so it was ok in the slopes, but sharply outside. It's okay if you went to La Masse, Courchevel or Meribel. Clear blue sun all week. Went with Langley, staying at Tango. Everything is perfect except for the snowfall. Tango is to be demolished (as a matter of fact) and new hotel will be beautifully beautiful from 50 to 2011. It will be VT 2012 as of today. Should try to take the expert diploma. ie pass all the peripheral lift stations for a week. Fun on the wall iaf. Grade 4 due to some snow this week, otherwise a 5th

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Awesome ski resort! Snow proof with good slopes and off-piste. Val Thorens town is an effective ski resort with everything combined in one place, such as restaurants, business entertainment, accommodation and lifts are gathered.

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Wonderful skiing, undoubtedly the best of the fifteen places I've been to in Europe. Big beautiful backs, gun fires, cruel apres ski and ski-in-ski out almost everywhere! Longing back!

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Been in VT many times, would think about 17 times or so. Reason = skiing.
The village is not particularly fun, but the skiing is perfect. Be here at week 6 and it was sunny all days except 1 day. If it's cloudy, you can sometimes go to the sun if you get up to 3000+ meters. With the system including Courchevel, the journey is in principle unlimited. Several slopes have 50% slope, but are well punched so there is no problem going in them. Tango is best to live if you want to
Have a nice meal, good jerk and good après ski. Now they also have WiFi so the office can be brought with you, sensible performance. Traveled with Langley many times, earlier there were sports trips that had tango.

The only downside is that if it blows in VT, it's sometimes damn cold, bring a lot of hats!
And there are 95% guys in the nightlife. Good if you are girl then :-) A mini hospital is located in the middle of the square, good if you are injured, Swedish health insurance card applies.

Will possibly be a trip to this year, though in April.

Kristina (Guest)
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Josses, is Tango still? Be in Val Thorens -86 and -93 and finally have the opportunity to go there again. A 4-5 grade! We had canyon weather that gave snowflakes in the mornings and the glorious sun the rest of the time. Could not get better skiing!
Will go again and have heard that it has become expensive, but you can live in any neighbor of the other villages, but do not know which one. Anyone who can tip a ring noise?

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Really good skiing, lots of pillows usually. just pity that if it blows, or from other bad weather, they close all the lifts up to the tops, and transport liftra so you can not get away from it!

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A SUPERstor ski resort or what to call it has not been here to go ... It's so bad and you can really get any kind of skiing. It's not a beautiful cozy little town, but it's so convenient, you go on the skis and go to the hill everywhere, and just planning afterskin, you can go back to the accommodation as well. A small nice offpiste from Tango's outdoor dining as end of the evening is recommended. It starts on the railing ... You who knew what I mean !!!