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lissell (Guest)
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Spent almost five months during the winter of 00/01 in Val Tho and was now back as the weekday in Jan 05. Therefore, I consider to have relatively good knowledge of the system, the Ffa Val Tho Valley.
The system of three valleys is gigantic but actually larger than most can make use of, whether it's sneezing and backcountry that attracts. For a pistol mill, it's nice with many miles of piste, there are excellent opportunities to travel many miles between the villages. From one end of the system to others, one can expect it to take one more day closer and more. However, if you are looking for a sneeze nose, this is completely irrelevant, so as to get as many fall height meters as possible. Therefore, the surroundings surrounding the accommodation in Val Tho must be considered crucial. The village of Val Thorens is located on the southern side of the "Val Thorens Valley". In my opinion, the best and most accessible off-piste is on the north slopes, not least under the great gondola Cime de Caron. Here it is relatively steep (30-40 degrees) in the gutters but there are also larger fields for large turns. The north side of Cime de Caron is easily accessible, you can get there directly from the lift. A few rock blocks in the instep and the relatively steep hillside scare away most of the week tourists, which is great as the mountain is well exposed and attracting from the lift's valley station. The fall height is good, about 1000m and most of the mountain is quite steep. The disadvantages include the elevator queues. Since the only lift is of gondola type, you can easily fast in half an hour to an hour's queue during high season. After major snowfall, this is obviously unreasonable. The alternative is to "work" gender, such as infecting the ski school, or changing backs. Another drawback is that the mountain, despite being relatively protected from weekly tourists and despite the fact that Val Tho has a relatively small, true ski-intensive bumblebee hit, is quickly discovered. You do not have to be long at the resort to see its potential. Depending on the season, most of the tracks will be picked up between one and a half days.
Looking at the entire system in Val Thorens valley, during the season 00/01, which was unusually snowy during January, Feb and March, it was possible that everything untouched directly from the lift disappeared in about one to one and a half days . After about half a day two and a bit into day three after a snowfall, it was good to get untouched after easier climbing or traversing. On the third day, or with certainty on the fourth day after a snowfall, one could expect everything to be done. For comfort, however, there are a couple of nice offpist rides around the system's highest peak; Aiguille de Peclet, 3560 m. In short, there are many nice off-pistes with varying degrees of difficulty (between 40 and 45 but up to 50 degrees in their places), easily accessible from the lifts. If you are in 2/3 yard, you can join in one day, all depending on the hurdle and energy. For those who are interested, an offpiste guide can be recommended. Available to buy some where to go.
Val Tho's major disadvantages include the cursed spotlight. Because the village and the system are so high there are no trees or shrubs. This means that you are very dependent on sunlight if you do not want to go blind. The alternative is to head to Meribel or Courchevel one / two valleys where forests are found. Another clear disadvantage is the soft transport distances. This leads to the failure of the firebreakers, but as a skier, you can swear over lost fall height meters on transport. The nightlife is .... like that. Depend on what you are looking for, party or partner? For girls looking for boys, it's at least gold and green forests - you are in minority and can chill among nice boys and girls from Holland and Denmark. Scandinavian girls do not go to Val Tho because they go to Val'd Isere. To the club and bar there is only one place to recommend; Malaysia!. A mostly good place. Looks like a finely colored color meets a recreation center, but here I have seen and heard a terribly good coverband. Different bands different weeks however, so the quality can vary, but generally very good bands !.

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The pistachial offpiste is wonderful in Val Thorens. Just sticking out on the page to find untracked days after last snowfall. Looking a little further outside the slopes (type down towards Lac Du Lou) it's very wonderful.

The slopes are mostly wide enough to be steep in order to bend in. Orelle's slopes are preferred as there are fewer people there, it may be a bit of a hike during the high season. The lift system is modern and efficient to handle a sports holiday week without a lot of lift queues.

Party is good for being an alport. Tango is clockwise to meet up with a bobbymojja before moving on to eg. Underground or Malaysia.

Hopefully season there next year.

Malin (Guest)
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I was just recently in Val Thorens, week 9, 2005. Wonderful weather the first three days made skiing even better. The slopes are numerous and varied, but you are welcome to take the same back again and again just because it is such a nice ride. There was also no direct lift queue which was nice.
Nightlife is on top. I preferred Malaysia over everything else! Most because of the live band but also because it was big, had a cool decor and good dance floor. Otherwise, Tango was a good place to be seen before moving on. The people were nice and it was nice that it was a mixture of both nationalities and ages.

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was in VT now v8 ... The ride was not impressive when they were hopping near the villages, but if you pull up the big cabin and then go ahead, wait for Orelle, then jäävlar ... Do not mind people at all and wide beautiful backs d'r you can lay o print satan, sure it's red at first o blue at the end but because the back is as it is (tall, wide and good tilt) you get up to speed that the steelman would be impad by. Otherwise, the Underground is to be recommended in the evenings, we had bold live music every night, but imagine that it will be fine even if the band has settled ... bring a French dictionary, because the french fools are completely shouting if you're cruel at the meadow. ..

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The ski system in Val Thorens is great, so here are some tips on good slopes:
* The slopes of Cime Caron are long, fairly steep and good. May be long queue to the cabin up. If you take Caron to the cabin, you will pass a large part of the queue.
* Tetras down to Plan de l'eau the lift is a nice, varied and curvy piste where there is a glimpse between the skiers. Here it is fun to drive at high speed in big turns.
* At all, the slopes at Boismint and Plan de l'eau lifts are good and here are usually fewer people than in other parts of the system.

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Absolutely wonderful wonderful skiing !! If it's snowing, there are plenty of nice offpiste tracks and the system is so big that you can always find untouched slopes.
Cruel Afterski (Tango)

A little half-board nightlife if you do not go with Nort Lander ... One tip if you do not go to Nortlander is to go to Malaysia the first day and lie to a bracelet. Then the nightlife becomes much better =)

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Well, in v-t v. 8 this year. slick rides. If you go to the piste the manchestra stays at about 11. Is it sunny? It's hot to warm the sun. not very much the wait in the lift queues.
If you want to drive on an Östermalmrepa, go to tango ..... most people are gathered there. (personally - no, it's good as it is ..)

It's damn nice to stay there.

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The ride here is quite badly cruel. There are plenty of accessible off-piste rides and when I was there, it would not have been snowing really in a couple of weeks. Still, it was possible to find quite a lot of untouched snow in front of the Caron lift. With all the villages together, this is a very large area offering almost all kinds of rides. One small week was taking some time to explore the area. I will easily try to go here again! Because the village is built midway between all the peaks and through the "middle of the hill" you can easily reach everywhere, and all accommodation is close to a piste and / or lift.

The village is not at all as ugly as many say it is, despite the fact that there are some houses that crumble a bit.

Another plus is that it was not a lift queue as far as the eye could reach, never !!

Go here!

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water !! .. do not go there Or, if you appreciate the following: (without ordering)

1. Flat light
2. Police who snore your car.
3. Arrested in huge hotel complexes.
4. Estimate parking garage.
5. Like to drive a lift.
6. Have tough skis to be cool in Tango.
7. Likes to set up a flag over the balcony
8. Do not think it's too bad.

One day, never again. No, ifs were pretty nice. But it is also on the other stables as less unpleasant.

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Have been to Val Thorens 5 times o just think better about the place for each time. Here's all you need, wide and long blue, red and black pistes that you can burn in all kinds of offpiste, good jibb parks. As if this would not be enough they would have a good move in the evenings and nights. Tango e a classic that has to be experienced, oh, I do not mean to get there on the aftershine without even staying there ..... the staff are always as kind and friendly. the food is also good. Just have to give a short eloge to Kasper O Co who worked at Tango last winter, you really made my friend's stay memorable! Thanks again