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louise ideberg
louise ideberg (Guest)
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Val Thorens was a sick lovely ski resort. was down now week seven, the weather and the skiing was top ... as well the party. It was unbelievably a lot of fun, but a lot of Danes there. At tango there was afterski afterski and on underground and malaysia a good party. The only bad thing was that the Danes had been abandoned Malaysia all week, which meant that one could not get in without a Nortlander band. I came in without then fixing a fake band so I came in. The Swedes who were there during the week were far from Gothenburg's brats, but the guides, the seasons and other Swedes were good at all ... like all Danes. I really recommend Val Thorens if you are looking for partying and skiing because the system was awesome.

The only bad thing was that it never snowed, so it did not get too much nice offpiste

Mia (Guest)
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Val Thorens is the best ski resort in Europe, and I have been to many different places. It only applies to dash in the correct month and week, so it's all sunny. The skiing in the early morning is wonderful and because Val Thorens is so high, the snow is unreachable. "TexMex"'s after-ski is unbeatable, and Malaysia's parties are the same! Highly recommend this ski resort. Myself, I'll go there now, week 8 and drive the iron!

sebbz (Guest)
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Were in Val Thorens over New Year 2007/2008
Skiing and resort is absolutely no fault. When the weather is with one, it's wonderful ride with long stars to just slide down for.
Unfortunately, we had ski weather and had to stand over two ski days due to stormy conditions.
The village itself is not very exciting although the exhibits and, above all, the tango are good. However, there were far too many Danish when I was down.
Had it not been for lion alpine (which I have no confidence in after this trip) and the weather had the thorens easily received a four.
Now it's got a three and I'll probably have an extra time before I book a trip to Val Thorens again

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Infinite opportunities, how much runs as hell!
The village is at 2500 m so the snow is usually not a shortage.
The village itself is nothing to rest your eyes on and it's something new. Good après ski, a lot of party everywhere in the village it was! International mood. Tourists from very many different countries.

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v14 2007

we traveled with langely and stayed at hotel tango, simple hotel with good food and best afterskiin. In the morning, just tense the skis outside the hotel and slide down to the lifts, how nice as. When you were back to the hotel you could go on a great walk, just a short walk of about 30m.

We had the sun all week except a day when it was foggy and windy, but otherwise great weather. The snow was okay to be like this late in the year, but in the afternoons there were sorbs on the slopes.

One tip is to get you to Col as early as possible after the lifts opened. Canon backe!

Forget the sun cream the first day and burnt his face
Not much to party like this late in the season, possibly better earlier

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Week 8 2007.

We went 3 guys with Nortlander. Had the world's cutest and sweetest travel guide, Johanna :). When we came down, there was barely snow a quarter before we arrived. Then when we got there, there was ok with snow, but nothing on the way they used to be.

Our room was double booked so we did not get to Altineige. We were moved to Hauts de la Vanoise instead. Ski room, but damn central !!

The skiing was not worth saying. Sunny every day, with sorbetsnö in the afternoon though, but i was fantastic !! Highly recommend the first stretch after the lift up to Meribel, and to the left of the big damn cab, type Cimron or something!

Festivally we drove forfest at home, 2 long island ice tea and 1 beer at Tango, and then to Malaysia :) Fy fan good night club !!! Last night we did not come in, too packed ... My friend was beaten in the face of the doorman: S

All in all, I enjoyed the trip very much, but would love to go more skiing. Got a little bit, when my poles thought the snow was not good enough in the afternoon.

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One of the Alps' best ski resorts! Obviously, at least if you're just a happy week-end! Here you will find the easy way to the really good slopes ... and it will never end, you can only go without leaving them!

Nightlife is also really fun! Malaysia is awesome !!

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Me and two friends went down this spring at 13th (24th to 31st of March) with Langley. Coming down the day after the worst snowing stopped, maybe maybe 50cm of snow on the hill was not at all wrong. The weather the first days was varied, cloudy but the sun appeared just around lunch almost every day. Were much better weather by the end of the week, the picnick (thursday) was perfect, windy weather, virtually no clouds in the sky.

The snow became quite easy, even though it was not particularly full on the slope, so before lunch the skiing was best.

We had lift passes for all three valleys and went over to Mottaret a number of times, it's long beautiful backs all the way down, but in the afternoon, especially the sun was so much that it was most touching the snow (ie heavy nose). Although the snow was not perfect everywhere, skiing is good, the temperature was always within good limits, the exception became a day when it blew really and then it felt very cold. But there are slopes that have less wind then, only applies to finding them.

We also hung up to La Tania (Courchevel) with the guides and it was a nice day with both good skiing down the valley (down to 1400m) and there was snow all the way around the hill. Had lunch at an English restaurant there, was really well o sunning a little bit when it got very hot.

A must when you are in Val Thorens is to try the pullout ride in Le Tobogan, 6.5km long pullout, cost us € 10, leaving the ski pass as you go and get a one-time ticket, the skis can also be locked in there. Daytime works well, then we went to go for an afternoon (after 4-5?) You have to buy a ticket on time when it was over early.

A single minus I got up during the week, but that was no big problem, last night at the hotel so there was no hot water in the room, but it was loose the morning after ...

Be fun all week long, the food included in the trip is really good and aftershin is good at Tango. It's easy a place I would like to return to.

Kristian (Guest)
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v6 2007

What can you say a really wonderful big system & # 61514; definitely imagine going there more times!

Has nothing to complain about in terms of skiing, there were slopes for all levels. Was told that Val Thorens was experienced as a bit tougher than other French towns but I do not know? One big plus, however, was that it was easy to find your own offpiste trails relatively close to the slopes.
As mentioned above, the system was very big and the best thing was that it's possible to get away from all valleys with a lift, no connection buses or the like.

The guide
Guide throughout the day is to recommend. We got a little green dressed guy at the age of 40 who was both handsome and nice. The English was inadequate but accepted to come from a Frenchman. The price for a full day was 750 SEK and then we were six in the group a very good price for a whole day.

There were varied weather with three sunny days and three mixed days of snow, fog and blown about each other. During this point one can complain about the relationship with the snow. THERE could have been more snow! But global warming all reaches even French Alps.

After skiing
Then it was Tango that ruled. Certainly a good place with live bands and nice people. Sadly that during the six months there were only boys there but "what the fu .. that's the skiing you want to eat." Was a bit cramped at the pants dance trial, but you're only determined.

Read 3 valles I think it's called? A common apartment hotel with space for four no class but a decent accommodation with shower and separate toilet as well as Kokvrå. The problem with our room was that when cooking and listening to music at the same time, the power went.

Lion Alpine
The traveling nuns and the girl did not care about themselves. "For our very acceptable".

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Spent week 7 in Val Thorens this year (o7).
We went with Northlander. A tip: never do it!
Incredibly badly organized. One must, for example, drag the gasket all over Val.t 2 times because they can not imagine staying outside of the hotels. The only thing that was good was that they fix you free entry to Malaysia all week long.

We were lucky and dumped early in the week.
The slopes were all right when it was sunny, but when it got a bit more cloudy and worse, they quickly braked and became dangerous puckers.
However, we kept ourselves as far as we could. The outpost in Val.t is untouched for a surprisingly long time considering its ease of access.
For example, Luc de Lou was a nice scoop we drove a couple of times.

Festa is done in Malaysia. Big club under the square. Really good move.
The underground was alright. Not as good as I hoped. Otherwise, a tip less places like Tango and Le Monde where there was a good move already around 11.

Prices are expensive. We did the loss not to drink alcohol on the boat down.
Costs purse below.

Overall, Val Thorens made a impression on me!
The lift system feels much smaller than it is. The best ride is in the Val Thorens valley. For a week with a lot of snow I had not bought cards for all three valleys.