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Hi all skiers!

I have just come home from Val Thorens, (V.2 07) Val Thorens is a wonderful place, with the opportunity for a really good pist and off-piste skiing. The backs are well-prepared and, most importantly, the lifts are next to none, absolutely wonderful, you get so much more skiing.
   The park in the choice of Thorens is not very good, I was there for a while when the snowfall was scarce. People I talked to who have been there for several years and have been with plenty of snow in elections Thorens said that the jump will be better, higher and more!

  My ski pass was only valid in Val Thorens, it was enough, but if you get the chance to go over to the other two valleys, do it. We headed over to Courchevel, the valley which is furthest away from v.T, over a day and it was clearly worth its 21 euros we had to add.

I traveled with UCPA during my week and I think you should do the same thing, the availability of ski instructors, which we had is worth every penny, they found it, scarce untouched offpiste and they knew where to go when the snowboards were scarce.
   Not least, you developed your skiing, you learned the basics of offpiste skiing, in puckelpist and to jump and spin!

Do as I went to Val Thorens!

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Just returned from a wonderful season in Val Thorens with Langley. Not much to complain about when you get a flight, accommodation, lift pass, half board for SEK 2900 from Stockholm. Just pay and go lixom. It was snowing all Friday night and the Saturday before we arrived, which made us dare to book and see you early in the season. We do not regret for a second, the first days were the ground in the slopes clockwise and the lift company opened up more lifts every day. However, the snow was not enough for any serious offpiste when VT has walked over the rock and requires 150cm + before most of it has been crossed. This was my second week in VT and I will be happy to return when the snow has come true.

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the week of snow. v11. 2005/2006 a proper dump of snow caused some delays up the mountain into the village. well there was no problem checking in, stayed at the apartment silveralp hotel. Not all too far and the moistening perfectly excellent. Clearly no luxury hotel but who needs it with two meters of new snow during the week. adds that there were few days of sunshine, no more than two dawns with sunshine. Moreover, it was possible to make everything possible for weather. pleasantly like the barade in the back proudly. a giant system. aiming for a new trip to this place. you should go with

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Val Thorens is really recommendable! Lovely slopes, to a large extent. If you do not want to go back twice in a week, you do not need it, ie if you have a lift pass to the three valleys and / or Les Meniures. By day or night, Val Thorens is after my second year in succession.

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Week: 11, 2006.

Were there for a week in Val T, staying at Les Lauzières, which is right at the sports hall. Can not say there was something to complain about regarding the accommodation. Very welcome is the bath located in the sports hall, definitely worth a try during the week.

The week started with a nice dump and there was a lot of good offpiste skiing! Then it was just fat soft SOL! Went some free skating under the Cöte Brune lift, Mont du Vallon and the Olympic lift. All this in the Meribel system. We also tested the snow on La Masse, unfortunately it was well-behaved but as said, there is a nice ride.

Do not miss: Taking a feting burger at Johns restaurant, very good.
The bath, as well as some sauna bathing.
Mont du Vallon, down under the elevator.
La Masse.
Combe Vallon, down from Mont du Vallon, just to eat!
Lac Blanc, in Val T.

Clearly the size of the system, it takes many trips here to explore the entire system. Really lots of areas to ski on, both inside and outside the hill.

Awesome sports hall, here is the most. The bath is quite ok.

May be a good queue when leaving from Val T in the morning and home to Val T in the afternoon, however, to avoid by choosing the right lifts home. It's also stupid to get stuck in a valley far from the accommodation, because there is no free ski bus between the different systems. For those who like to live life in the slopes, it may be a good idea to find out which slopes are prepared for the day, unless you can find some fat puckles here and there. The entire system is not prepared day by day.

As said, Val T is not the world's most genuine and beautiful place! But it still has its charm.

If you have claustrophobia, this is a good place to go to, there are really big areas to go on. Think you have more enjoyment of the system if have been here several times, because of this. system size. This is true for all systems, but as said, Val T is really big, this really does not hurt with a little habits in the system!

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Can not be admired about Val Thorens as a ski resort!

When we were there V10 2006, it literally dropped snow 2m in 2 days
the buses did not come to the ski resort because of the avalanches !!!!!!!!!!
So there were pillows to the waist every day for seven days.
Imagine when the pistons piss in the evening and then it turns snow down all night, what does the pistons look like then ??? After all, snow is over the knees, the bottom is smooth and nice soooo wonderful!
Why look out for the piste when you have it?

We were all united when we went home to stick in such a week to be hard enough!

So, thank you, Val Thorens = spotlight, you simply have the chance that it will be fine, so badly hard to see something unfortunately.

Northlander = Disaster Never Saying Never More!

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Just got home from a week in Val Thorens with UCPA. The center lay a bit below the village so it did not attract the worst to get to the village so often.

The weather for the week (week 14) has been fantastic and we got new snow several nights, compared to the other ski areas around the rain. Val Thorens height definitely has its advantages this late in the season ...

The possibilities for easily accessible offpiste are great and much can be reached directly from the lifts. Our guide did not take us as far away from the lifts as we were a middle class but the others got their appetite satisfying and heard from many that it was one of their best weeks ever.

To and from the center, skiing and afterskin were available at the Swedish-speaking Tango where you could sit and ice cream in the sun with a beer or honorable Swedish cider in your hand.

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I was there v11.
Apparently it has been bad m snow this season until the week before I went down, then it fell down and was so the bus transfer was properly delayed, it turned out to be worth ... :)

Result: When we came out on Sunday morning, the sun like it never made over 2 meters of powder!
In the afternoon, a slight lag of snowy weather passed and then returned to the sunshine.
The week's weather went from -10 degrees on Sunday to +5 degrees on Friday, raining sun all the time. (= total broken face)
Even last day we could find untouched snow without too much work.

For my purposes, there is a lift pass for VT, it takes too much time to get back to the lower valleys. I work from the houses around VT as the sun moves plus a few scratches in Orelle to the south.
Tired I'm still because of the height, it may not be the age ... ??

VT was my first experience of the Alps many years ago and has always been the reference for other resorts.
This PERFECT week can not be broken, so I think VT may remain in my book for reference;)

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Just come home from there and the team needs complete renovation. Mass stones and non-existent off piste.
Additionally, someone stole my ski jacket inside the Tango ....
Before seven years ago my brand new skis were stolen, even though they were locked in the ski room in the killer at the temple.
Maybe I go to Val Thorens again, but it will take many years for the next time.

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Great skiing, but skip Val Thorens and buy a card for all the valleys.
Tango, our hotel that had the best afterskin.
Almost as great snowboarding (for a middle-aged rider).
Langley, smarter guides you can look for.
Underground, lots of people but fun.

Nortlander, who had subscribed Malaysia for his travelers throughout the V7.